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Review of New Xero Boots


If you like to get outside, want boots that let you “feel the world”, and still want something that includes ankle support and protection, buy these boots.

Xero Boots?

As I'm sure you are aware if you follow Xero Shoes, they recently brought out some new items. These include the Coalton, a nicer shoe more appropriate for the office (or almost anywhere, really), and the Daylite Hiker. I was provided a free pair of the Daylite Hiker to review.

A “Feel the World” Hiking Boot?

In case you are wondering, these hiking boots really do let you feel everything. I went hiking in my original Huaraches way back in 2012, and remember how awesome the ground under my feet felt. It was like a completely different experience from every other time I had gone hiking.

I was very glad when I went out for my first hike in the new Daylite boots, that the feel of hiking in these boots was very similar to my old huaraches. The difference being that the boots encase my whole foot, and provide support and protection for the ankle. They are obviously heavier than the huaraches, but not much heavier than the Hana (or probably other Xero shoes). They also do a great job of keeping my feet dry and warm, while letting them breathe.

I've not tried crossing any streams or rivers in them, but we had lots of rain recently, and instead of wearing my actual rubber rain boots, I decided to wear the Daylites instead. Where my Hana's (pictured next to the Daylites) canvas would wick up moisture and soak my feet, the Daylites remained completely dry inside, and had enough breathability that even after a full day sitting at work (which in normal sneakers always resulted in hot, sweaty feet) I still felt comfortable.