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About this site

This is a place for me to write long-form R tutorials, discuss open and reproducible science, and talk about bioinformatics, data-analysis, and visualization.

This blog was built using the Samatha static site generator. Samatha is written entirely in R and is designed to allow blog posts to be simply written in Rmarkdown. These posts are then translated to html by the Samatha engine. Samatha also contains a simple, functional DSL for html generation. Pages have been renderd using Twitter Bootstrap and the xxx free bootstrap theme.

About me

I am currently a PostDoctoral Scholar in Bioinformatics working in the Center for Environmental Systems Biochemistry in the Markey Cancer Center at the University of Kentucky. My research areas are transcriptomics and metabolomics, with particular emphasis on error analysis and combining the data types.

Prior to this, I worked with Eric Rouchka on transcriptomics analysis. My PhD work was on constructing a workflow for using Weighted Alternating Least Squares to deconstruct transcriptomics time-series data. I have also worked in computer-aided drug design.

I started writing code in MatLab in 2004, and in 2010 switched to R and have never looked back. I've written one public Bioconductor package 1, 2, and am working on many others that will hopefully make it into the wild.

My primary interests involve any kind of high-throughput biological analysis, and especially methods to make sense of them. I am particularly interested in how we use visualization to enhance the analysis of high-throughput data. In addition, I think we need to change how we do and communicate science, and that the scientific process needs to be more open.

You can follow me on twitter, github, or email me at rflight79 near gmail circular shape com.