Custom Deployment Script


Use a short bash script to do deployment from your own computer directly to your * domain.


So Yihui recommends using Netlify, or even Travis-CI in the Blogdown book. I wasn’t willing to setup a custom domain yet, and some of my posts involve a lot of personally created packages, etc, that I don’t want to debug installation on Travis. So, I wanted a simple script I could call on my laptop that would copy the /public directory to the repo for my site, and then push the changes.

The Script

Here is the simple script I ended up using:

cd path/to/
#rm -rf *
cp -Rfu path/to/blogdown/public/* .

git add *
git commit -m "update at $commit_time"
git push origin master

cd $org_dir

It changes directories, because to push from a git repo I’m pretty sure you need to be in the directory, so it also makes sure to go back there at the end. It then copies the contents of /public to the repo, adds all the files, and then uses the current time-stamp as the commit message, and finally pushes all the updates.