Linking to Manually Inserted Images in Blogdown / Hugo

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This is my method to include something manually in a blogdown post.

Robert M Flight

Manual Linking?

Using blogdown for generating websites and blog-posts from Rmarkdown files with lots of inserted code and figures seems pretty awesome, but sometimes you want to include a figure manually, either because you want to generate something manually and convert it (say for going from SVG of lots of points to hi-res PNG), or because it is a figure from something else (like this figure from wikipedia).

Where to??

To do this, you want the text of your <img> tag to your image to be:

<img src = "/img/image_file.png"></img>

And then put the image itself in the directory /static/img/image_file.png

By M. W. Toews, CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons, source

This information is also mentioned in section 2.7 of the Blogdown book. Obviously I need to do more reading.


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