Comments enabled via utterances

How I got utterances working on blogdown.


Robert M Flight


October 16, 2019


Utterances is a lightweight commenting platform built on GitHub issues. So you have to have a GitHub account, but I expect most people who comment on this blog already have one.

Why Utterances

When I switched to blogdown, I lost my disqus comments. I had considered migrating them over, but never got around to it. I also thought that there had to be a way to link GitHub issues to blog posts, but didn’t investigate it much.

Then, I came across Maëlle’s blog post about switching to utterances and I was sold. I had some free time last night, and dived into how to add it to my site that uses the hugo academic theme.

I’m not expecting a lot of heavy commenting, but at least it’s now available!


For blogdown, just replace everything in layouts/partials/comments.html with the code snippet from utterances.



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