Heatmap Colormaps!

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Examples of good colormaps to use for heatmaps, both divergent and incremental.

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Normal Incrementing Data

Nine times out of ten, you probably need just one of the {viridis} colormaps for values that are increasing in one direction. For example, correlation values that are all positive, or abundances from RNA-Seq, etc. If you want to use them with {ComplexHeatmap}, you do so like this:

# correlation example for 0 - 1
# imagine cor_vals is a set of correlation values
cor_start = 0
cor_end = 1
n_break = 20
viridis_map = circlize::colorRamp2(seq(cor_start, 
                                       length.out = n_break),

        col = viridis_map, 

Divergent Data

In this case, you have values where a central value is a natural point that you want to highlight things above and below that value. Examples include correlations that include negative and positive correlations, log-fold-changes above and below zero. In this case, I prefer the {scico} package with the vik colormap.

cor_start = -1
cor_end = 1
n_break = 20

scico_map = circlize::colorRamp2(seq(cor_start
                                     length.out = n_break),
                                              palette = "vik"))

        col = scico_map,

Other Colormaps?

Do you have other suggestions for colormaps, both incremental and divergent? Please let me know in the comments!


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