Using Academicons in Your Quarto Blog

If you have trouble getting the academicons in your quarto blog, this might help you too!


Robert M Flight


December 3, 2022


Install the academicons extension in your Quarto project, and then use the “text” option.


Academicons are an awesome set of academic project themed icons in the same spirit as the Font-Awesome icon collection. In particular, they include a variety of icons related to various academic projects and software. The one I really wanted access to, was the ORCID icon, .

Using in Quarto

You can download the academicons for use in Latex, HTML, and also in Quarto projects.

For quarto in particular, you need to install the extension in the particular project!

I was using the instructions on the academicons site, and didn’t see that I needed to cd into my blog directory first to have the extension installed into the project. I do appreciate that the default for quarto is on a project basis.

cd myblog
quarto install extension schochastics/academicons

Then including any of the academicons in your document is easily accomplished using the short codes, like we can include the ORCID icon using:

{{< source icon >}}

where source = ai and icon = orcid or whatever other icon you want to use.

Including the Icon in Navbar

It’s often nice to include various icons in the navigation bar (navbar) or footer of your site. If you want to use it in the navbar, you will have to use

# this would be an item under the navbar
  - text: "{{< source icon >}}"
    href: link

I hope this helps someone else!



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