targets and Child Documents

How to make sure that main documents update when a child document is modified in a targets workflow.


Robert M Flight


December 22, 2022


Make sure the child document is a target of the workflow, and that the child document target is loaded in the main.

The Setup

So you’ve gone and decided to use the awesome {targets} workflow manager for your project, including generating your final reports. In a bid to keep things manageable, you are also using child documents. This allows you to keep different pieces of the report separated as needed. However, how do you make sure that {targets} knows that the main document needs to be re-rendered when the child document is modified?

The Workflow

Our workflow for this example is just the child document and the main document. The child is only a file target (as opposed to a fully rendered document), because we just need to know if it changed or not, and not render it again before it gets included in the main.

So, _targets.R looks something like this:

             format = "file"),

The Main

In the main document we need to do two things:

  1. load the child_doc target,
  2. include the child_doc as an actual child document

#| label: setup

Some text ...

#| label: load_targets

More text

#| label: include_child
#| child: !expr child_doc

Even more text

Notice the !expr child_doc in the second code block. We are taking advantage of the fact that the child_doc actually encodes the location of the child document, and the !expr is how we tell {quarto} that we want to evaluate an expression.


The {quarto} docs also suggest using included documents. However, I don’t know how those would work with the path of an object, and I don’t really want to test it. Given we are using tar_quarto to control the rendering here, I think it is safer to use child over include.



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