Narrower PDF Kable Tables

TL;DR Don’t bother trying to roll your own function to make narrower kable tables in a PDF document, just use kableExtra. Motivation I’ve been creating tables in a report where I really needed the table to fit, and because I am using PDF output, that means the tables can’t be any wider than the page. As I’m sure many readers might be aware, kable tables will gladly overrun the side of the page if they are too wide.

Motivated Learning

As part of the instructor training of Software-Carpentry, we were asked to write a blog post about two things: A story about a time you were motivated/demotivated to learn A story that will help motivate our learners drawn from personal experience Here are mine. I thought others who read my ramblings might find them useful. Note that these are cross-posted on the Software-Carpentry teaching blog. Being Motivated to Learn Calculus As part of my undergraduate degree, I was required to take higher level mathematics, either calculus or linear algebra.