Turn Robert’s Beard Purple!

I’m trying to raise money for the Walk for Alzheimer’s, will you sponsor me?


Robert M Flight


June 20, 2018


If I raise $100 by August 25ths The Walk to End Alzheimer’s, I will have my beard dyed purple in support of Alzheimer’s awareness.

If you are in another country, donate to your local Alzheimer’s charity and email me with the subject walk so I count it towards my total.



July 10

Thanks to everyone on Facebook, we’ve raised $5 for the American Alzheimer’s Association, and $30 for the Alzheimer Society in Canada!

Back on June 25, I went in to Bak 4 More Studio and the awesome Brittany B did some testing to see how hard it would be to lighten my beard so it can be colored. She was great, and thinks it will be able to be done all in one session. I am currently booked to go in on Monday, August 20th to get the coloring done. Thanks again to Helue and Brittany for their help in this!


Why a Purple Beard??

I decided to participate in the Walk To End Alzheimer’s this year, coming up on August 25th here in Lexington. I will be walking the 2 miles in support of my Mom, who was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s some time ago (she will turn 58 this summer).

Why am I walking?? Because I’ve seen a little bit of what Alzheimer’s does, and although my Mom won’t benefit from new treatments, we need to find effective treatments for this devastating disease.

As an incentive to donate, if I reach my fundraising goal of $100, I will have my beard dyed Alzheimer’s Association purple! The wonderful folks at Bak 4 More studios have agreed to help me dye my beard purple before the Walk date. I will make sure to take lots of video and pictures of the process, which I am told will probably involve two trips to the studio, one to lighten my beard and a second to actually apply the purple color.

Using the magic of computers, I’ve tried to show here what that might look like. I’m sure it will look 100X better than these, this is just to give a possible idea.

I also realize that not everyone may be able to donate to the American Alzheimer’s Association, so if you want to support my fundraising for the Walk (and turn my beard purple) by donating to your local Alzheimer’s charity, just send me an email with the subject walk with the amount you donated and to which charity, and I will count your donation towards your local charity towards my goal. I will also respond to your email so that you know I’ve counted it.

I will NOT be trimming my beard between now and the Walk date, so there will be even more purple beard to go around, with 9 weeks between now and then.

Thank you for helping me raise funds for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and feel free to spread this post far and wide.



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